History is very often targeted by kids as being dull. Show me a teacher or parent who hasn’t struggled to make history exciting and I will be impressed! Beautiful Feet Books aims to solve this problem by basing their curriculum on their claim that “History isn’t boring, textbooks are.” The boring part of history isn’t the subject matter itself, but instead the way it is presented. Beautiful Feet Books guides students through history via literature rather than textbooks that are packed with dry, uninspired content.

Teaching history through the power of story is the best way to ignite a child’s naturalcuriosity about the world around them.

Beautiful Feet Books

Tell Me About Beautiful Feet Books…

Beautiful Feet Books, founded by Rea Berg in 1984, combines the approaches and methodologies of Susan Schaefer Macaulay and Charlotte Mason. This family-owned business strives to quell the monotony and boredom of teaching history through textbooks by curating a selection of literature and other engaging books.

Literature packs cover a wide variety of topics and four different age brackets. Each pack contains many books (up to 24), a teacher guide, and other supporting materials such as timelines, maps, and notebooks. If desired, each pack can be modified to religious content. All books can be purchased individually, as well. Nearly all of the curriculum packs contain more than enough content to space over an entire year. Several of the high school level courses satisfy the requirements for students to earn history and literature credits.

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Age Range: Kindergarten-12th Grade

Product Format: Physical Products

Special Notes: Beautiful Feet Books offers free shipping on orders >$100 and a 10% discount for missionary and military families.

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