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I’ve always wanted my family to explore the world. I believe all places encompass characteristics that make them unique and valuable pieces in the fabric of our world. So far, we have visited 15 U.S. States, each giving us distinctive vibes and unforgettable experiences. When offered the chance to review the Tennessee box from Celebrate States, we did not hesitate to try it. 

I’m so excited to share what my family thought about the Tennessee box and a few ways your family can add Celebrate the States to your homeschool experience. 

What is Celebrate States?

Celebrate States is a monthly subscription box that highlights a new U.S. state each month. Inside each box are full-sized products unique to the state, food, maps, and interactive activities. 

Here is my family’s experience…

Funny story. When we retired from the military years ago, we had no clue where we wanted to live, but we had a few “must-haves” on our list. The state we decided on had to have the following: 

  1. Phenomenal schools (because we weren’t homeschooling yet)
  2. Various activities for the kiddos and the grown-ups
  3. Four seasons
  4. Centrally located to other major cities

So we closed our eyes and put our finger on the map: Tennessee. 

After visiting, we instantly knew we were making a great choice, and it turns out that Tennessee ended up being a fantastic place to live!  

We loved the food choices (ahem, hot Chicken).

There was no shortage of activities. Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Memphis each nourished my family’s souls in ways that we could have never imagined. Our friends became family, and we had finally “made our home.”

And then…we moved again! I know, crazy?

Tennessee will always hold a special place in our hearts, so reviewing the Tennessee box was right on time. Inside our box were various snacks, a map/Knoxville guide, a fixin’ to notepad, a sweet handwritten message, and activities for the kiddos. 

Our favorite items from the box were the snacks because they were not traditional snacks. Like seriously, do you keep bacon brittle or hot chicken crackers at home? 

Taste Testing…..

So, how can I use Celebrate States in my homeschool? 

Celebrate the States are not exclusively designed for homeschool families and could be a great addition to your home classroom. 

I will share how our family studied several content areas through our box. We learned about Tennesse’s bordering states: Kentucky/Virginia (north), North Carolina (east), Georgia/Alabama/Mississippi (south), and Arkansas/Missouri (west). We also discussed and did a little research on landmarks, bodies of water, and landforms significant to the area. 

Photo Credit: World Atlas

History is another fantastic option. This box led your family down a rabbit hole of exploration. We learned that Tennessee became the 16th state in 1796. We learned about Tennesse’s role in the Civil Rights Movement and famous people born or who lived in the state.

We studied science while exploring our box. The Mimus polyglottos (mockingbird) is the state bird of Tennessee. We discussed weather patterns and natural resources common to this area. We talked about mammals linked to Tennessee like black bears, deer, hawks, and rattlesnakes. 

Art is another area of Tennessee that deserves exploration. When people think of music, the genre that comes to mind most is country. But this is not entirely true. Tennessee has played a significant role in gospel music, bluegrass, rock n roll, and blues. Also, the theatre scene in Tennessee is not too shabby! 

We also used our box to study math. We discussed the population of Tennessee and counted the cities. We learned about the distance between some areas and converted units of measurement (miles, acres, kilometers). Since Tennessee has all four seasons, we took out a few old newspapers to use math to study weather patterns.

How much does it cost to get a Celebrate States box?

A monthly subscription costs $45 per month with discounts for 3/6-month subscriptions. Specialty boxes are available for $55 (plus shipping).

Final Thoughts…

Celebrate States lets your family explore the U.S. without ever leaving your home. We enjoyed the contents of our box! We could see ourselves adding the Celebrate States boxes as a supplement to our studies. The kids love getting mail and the surprise of the box’s contents provides an experience that simply reading material can not give.

How can I get a Celebrate States box?

Head on over to the Celebrate States website to grab a box or gift one to a friend. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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