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Who knew that learning about biology, chemistry, physics, or math could be fun? The team at Genius Games has created various games to inspire your scholars to want to learn more about these awe-inspiring topics.

“We believe that science is awe-inspiring, mesmerizing and beautiful. We also believe that science can make our world a better place.”

Genius Games

Tell Me About Genius Games…

Genius Games was founded in 2013 by John Coveyou, who began creating board games as a kid. John spent some time in the US Army, earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering, and has taught chemistry and physics.

Genius Games currently offers biology, chemistry, science history, and math games. Here are a few of the current game offerings.

Recommended Age/Grade: 4 years and up

Product Format: Physical products

Which Product Did Melanated Gold Review Squad Review?

The Melanated Gold Review Squad had the pleasure of reviewing the following games: Periodic, Covalence: A Molecule Building Game, Ecosystem: A Family Card Game about Animals, their Habitats, and Biodiversity, Math Rush (addition/subtraction), and Kid’s 100 Piece Human Body Floor Puzzle – 4ft Tall: Dr. Livingston’s Unique Shaped Science Floor Jigsaw Puzzle.

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