Nutrition and the act of eating right is a challenge for many families these days. Both parents and children have a lot to learn and understand about the food that they eat and prepare. There are endless recipes available online, but they only provide one piece of a puzzle. Growing Thyme Cooking’s lessons include recipes, but also guides and information about preparation techniques, nutrition, the origins of each ingredient, food science, and more. The goal, in addition to teaching how to prepare several dishes per course, is to give children a deeper understanding of their food so that they can make informed nutritional decisions.

“Growing healthy chefs one recipe at a time.”

Growing Thyme Cooking

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Nellie Johnston founded “Little Sprouts Cooking” in 2016 after several years of teaching middle school health and nutrition. The program expanded to offer a curriculum in 2020. Smaller, one-dish lessons are available in addition to larger courses such as “Rise and Shine,” and “Delicious Dinners.” An all-inclusive curriculum is available and is intended to span nine months of learning. There is plenty of value and education to be had from the lessons even without using a kitchen to actually prepare the food. Each lesson also includes access to companion videos, quizzes, activities, vocabulary, and content for younger, non-readers.

Video Credit: Growing Thyme Cooking
Video Credit: Growing Thyme Cooking
Video Credit: Growing Thyme Cooking
Video Credit: Growing Thyme Cooking
Video Credit: Growing Thyme Cooking
Video Credit: Growing Thyme Cooking

Online courses are available, as well as the ability to schedule an in-person outreach session for larger groups.

Age Range: 8-18

Product Type: PDF downloads, printed books, online videos, in-person seminars

Special Notes: The programs are flexible in use, and group licensing is available. A sibling discount for the online courses is offered. ($135 base and $55 per additional sibling.

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