Learning about history doesn’t have to be a boring experience. In fact, taking a journey back in time can be enlightening, inspirational, and fun! History Unboxed brings history to life through the use of crafts, activities, and engaging educational content. Whether you decide to get a single box or a full curriculum, History Unboxed may be just what your family has been looking for.

Immerse your students in lessons that bring the cultures, peoples, and eras of human history to life! Stories, objects, recipes and more from far-off centuries and continents bring learning well beyond the classroom..”

History Unboxed

Tell Me About History Unboxed…

History Unboxed is a subscription program that offers fun-filled history lessons for students and adults too! These boxes can be used as a standalone curriculum or used with whatever method of history instruction you choose.

According to History Unboxed, each welcome box recipient receives:

  • An interactive timeline poster
  • A welcome letter and coloring sheet
  • A time capsule kit to create your own historic memento
  • A worksheet to help students understand how to read a timeline
  • A Family Tree kit for exploring your student’s personal history

Monthly subscription boxes containing educational material, crafts, and more are available for the following level/age groups:

The 5-9 year-olds boxes are filled with age-appropriate content, fun activities, shorter lessons, and a parent/educator sheet that can be useful for guiding activities/lessons. These boxes require the assistance of an adult or an older student.

The 10-15 year-olds boxes’ information is more in-depth. It can be done mostly independently. These boxes contain a pen-pal style letter from a fictional character, “Ava” who is a time-traveling teenager.

The 16-year-old and above box includes a monthly art challenge and a 4-page booklet with detailed historic information relating to cultural and historic points. These boxes can be done independently.

History Unboxed offers boxes for three time periods: Ancient History (5000 BC/BCE to 400 AD/CE), Middle Ages (500 AD/CE to 1350 AD/CE), and American History (through the Civil War).

Recommended Age/Grade: Kindergarten to High School

Product Format: Physical Products

Special Notes: History Unboxed also offers downloaded lessons and ebooks.

For families with multiple children, extra consumables and crafts kits can be ordered with each box.

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