It’s no secret, each person has unique physical characteristics–from eye or hair color to skin tone and body size. But regardless of our differences, we all share features that make us beautifully human. Know Yourself is a health literacy curriculum designed to teach children about the marvelous features they are made of in a way that is memorable and fun.

Inspire children to be grounded in the awesomeness of their own self-worth and equip them to make healthy decisions about their minds and bodies. Through a deep sense of self, children are able to better relate to others and contribute to a society with more compassion, love and respect.

Know Yourself

Tell Me About Know Yourself…

Inspired by the “thumping” of a beating heart, Know Yourself was created in 2013 by Nancy and Tim Howes, as a way to answer the myriad of questions from their young daughter. As a company, Know Yourself commits to uphold its values of self-literacy, self-worth, self-advocacy, and representation.

Currently, Know Yourself offers two series, Dr. Bonyfide and The Adventure Series: 12 Systems of the Body Workbooks.

The Dr. Bonyfide series is all about the structures that give us strength and hold our body together: our bones.

The Adventure Series: 12 Systems of the Body is a series of anatomy books that take a deeper look into our body systems.

Recommended Age/Grade: 8 years old and up

Product Format: Physical Products

Special Notes: Know Yourself offers educational coloring sheets and Organauts, which are mini organ learning toys. Free shipping is available for products ordered in the U.S.

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