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Math is a subject that can be challenging to some students. Math Mammoth offers support for students from elementary to high school. Keep reading to see if this curriculum may be a good fit for your family.

“The aim of my books is first and foremost to explain math in very simple terms, yet rigorously, concentrating on helping students understand the actual concepts of math.”

Maria Miller, Founder of Math Mammoth

Tell Me About Math Mammoth…

Math Mammoth was created by Maria Miller, a former teacher turned homeschool mom. It is a mathematical program that can be used as a full curriculum or a supplement.

If you are looking for a full curriculum, the Light Blue Series is available. Each grade level comes with worktexts, tests, cumulative reviews, answer keys, a worksheet maker, and matching videos. Lesson plans are optional and available as a separate purchase. For filling in gaps or specific topic studies, check out The Blue Series.

To get started with Math Mammoth, a free diagnostic test is available for grades 1-7. The results of the diagnostic test can help to create a tailor-made math curriculum for your scholar.

According to the company’s website, Math Mammoth’s features are:

  • Mastery-oriented and organized chapters arranged by topics. Each chapter concentrates on one theme and its connecting topics (such as place value, multiplication, or geometry). Each grade level typically contains 8-10 chapters.
  • Focus on conceptual understanding
  • Visual models and exercises
  • Emphasis on mental math and number sense 
  • Ability for nearly self-teaching for many children, since the full explanations of concepts are included in the student books. Thus it requires fairly little preparation time from the teacher.
  • Free videos to match the curriculum.

Recommended Age/Grade: Grades 1 through 7 with some supplemental material for middle/high school

Print or Digital: All books are available as PDF downloads, most are available in print.

Special Notes: Math Mammoth offers curriculum options for Spanish-speaking families.

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