Writer’s Guidlines

Thank you for your interest in Melanated Gold Homeschool Magazine!

Founded in 2020, this digital magazine commits to educating and supporting homeschooling families. On our magazine pages, writers share their adventures, wisdom, struggles, expertise, advice, and achievements.

Melanated Gold Homeschool Magazine is published six times per year. Our goal is to feature diverse content to help other homeschooling families along the various stages of their journeys.

Basic Information

• All articles submitted are read and considered for publication.

• We place all submissions received in a file for future use. If we choose your article for publication, we will inform you in advance. All authors receive a complimentary issue of the magazine in which their article appears.

• Each article we publish must contain the author’s name and bio (up to 75 words).

• We are looking for original content. All submissions must be previously unpublished. Work posted anywhere online or in print counts as published.

•We have the right to edit articles for length, grammar, spelling, or clarity (though we

strive to maintain the author’s intent and meaning).

What We Are Looking For

The list below provides examples of possible topics. This list is not exhaustive. You may submit articles on other subjects not mentioned below).

• “How-to” information on any academic/homeschool subject

• Assistance for new homeschooling families

• Organizational tips

• Real-life homeschool experiences (including an example of your school day, display of

your homeschool space, ways to overcome challenges)

• Articles about teaching children with different learning styles/needs

• Meal/lesson/activity planning

Length and Submission Guidelines

• All submissions must be completed in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. We cannot accept articles submitted in PDF format or included in the email body.

• Use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font for the entire article, including title and subheadings.

• Accepted word range is 300-600 words. If you feel your topic or idea requires elaboration, please do not hesitate to discuss it with us.

• Please send all submissions to admin@MelanatedGoldHomeschool.com.


Bios/Headshot Photo

We require bios and headshots for all submissions. No exceptions.

Please limit bios to 75 words or less. Include the following information:


The number of homeschool years/family information (if applicable).

Connection Information ( up to three social media handles/one website)

A bio example is available upon request.


Headshot Photo

Please submit one high-resolution photo to include on our contributor’s page. A professional photo is not required; however, the image must be clear, in color, and forward-facing.

Article Usage

The following section discusses article usage and reprint policy. If you have any questions, please email admin@MelanatedGoldHomeschool.com.

Melanated Gold Homeschool Magazine reserves the right to use any articles submitted to us in the following ways: Melanated Gold Homeschool Magazine, the Melanated Gold Homeschool Magazine website (www.MelanatedGoldHomeschoolMagazine.com) including our online archive, any Melanated Gold Homeschool Magazine social media pages, and the Melanated Gold E-Newsletter.

If you have any questions about these Writing Guidelines, please send an email to admin@MelanatedGoldHomeschool.com.